What we do best......

Chiropractic Massage 

If you’re suffering from a sports injury, lower back pain, neck pain, headaches or a chronic pain condition like fibromyalgia, a soft tissue massage may be just what you need. In addition to your main issue being treated, Dr. Beasley and his team will also look for the underlying cause of your symptoms during your session. By using specific techniques like deep tissue, trigger point therapy and other intensive soft tissue specialties, your massage will be personalized to meet your specific needs for healing and will compliment any chiropractic care you receive. Call today or book your appointment online.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most misdiagnosed ailments that can end with surgery or wearing a brace. Thankfully, Dr. Dennis Beasley and his team of specialists will look at your body as a whole to see if the problem is coming from the wrist or from a series of tight muscles or pinched nerves that are causing those symptoms. By using their signature holistic approach, 99.9% of all carpal tunnel cases that have entered our clinic have been alleviated. If you’ve been experiencing wrist pain and are ready to be treated without surgery, then book an appointment today.

Auto Accidents

Injuries may occur after a car accident even if you’re not having symptoms right away. The signs of whiplash, blurred vision, headaches, depression, dizziness, etc., may take days or even weeks to manifest. At NW Chiropractic Care of Sherwood our team of wellness professionals can determine if you have whiplash or any other issues related to an automobile accident and provide quick and efficient treatments to eliminate pain and restore mobility. If you have been involved in an accident and think you have whiplash, book your appointment today.